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Custom Preference Center in Marketing Cloud

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In this article, We will try to understand Custom preference center and also compare it with the Profile Center/Subscription Center to get an overall understanding. Custom Preference Center provides the ability to have both Profile and Subscription information in one page. We can customize the preference center page with desired options that will allow Subscribers to opt-in/opt-out and also provide additional option to Unsubscribe from all the emails. If you are using a Marketing cloud connect then by default we will have to use Custom preference Center.

Ideas to use Preference Center:

  1. You want to provide few options to your Subscribers(Customers/Prospects/etc) such as asking them if they are interested in Getting Emails about birthday Coupons, Networking Events and Promotional Events.
  2. You could also ask customers to opt-in or opt-out into Newsletter, Feedback emails, Conferences, and Events. Since this is a cloud page you could retrieve the preferences from Data extension/Sales cloud and display the subscriber preferences.

You could build custom preference center by using Smart Capture form if you are using Lists. If you are using Data Extensions or Marketing cloud connect then you could use Cloud pages/AmpScript to capture the Subscriber preferences and Update Data Extensions/Sales Cloud /Service Cloud.

Considerations for using Preference Center vs Profile/Subscription Center:

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