Use cases for Auto Suppression list in Marketing cloud

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In this article, we will try to understand Auto Suppression list and when to use it.As the name suggests this List is used to suppress the emails from sending out of the Business unit or across the Enterprise with a Send Classification. Suppression Lists filter out email addresses and prevent those addresses from receiving any email from your organization.

Business Use Case 1: We can use Auto Suppression List when migrating from other Marketing platform to Marketing cloud platform. We can load all the unsubscribed/Do not Email lists into Auto Suppression List.

Business Use Case 2: We can suppress one or multiple Business units from sending Emails while allowing other Business units to send Emails to Customers/Prospects. This is useful while you have acquired a new company and you want to suppress Email at each company level instead of Enterprise Level

Navigation: Login–> Email Studio –>Admin –>Auto Suppression Configuration

Click on Email from Email Studio

Click on Admin Tab and select Auto-Suppression Configuration

Click on Create and Enter desired list name,External key and description.

Mandatory fields: You have to provide Email Address and Date Added while storing a record. You could store other field information by creating new fields on the suppression List.

In the above image we have chosen to apply to All Current and future business units. Alternatively, we could also select “Selected Business Unit(s)” option to select desired Business units. This option is available only in Parent Business unit and is not available in child Business units.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do Emails in Suppression List count against Email sendable Limits?

Ans. Suppression List does not count against your Email sendable Limits

  1. We were asked to create records in All Subscriber Lists and then mark it as Suppressed?

Ans. You could do that by marking the record as Unsubscribed but those will be counted against your sendable Limits. Best practice is to separate Marketing cloud sends from your Legacy sends by using suppressed Lists.

  1. We have duplicate Emails with unique subscriber key. Will this suppress from sending at email address level or subscriber key level?

Ans. This will stop at Email address level and not subscriber key level. customer/prospect with their email address will not receive any email once it is added to suppression List irrespective of their unique subscriber key

  1. We have created Suppression List and should we be accessing in Automation studio/Journey builder to do the exclusion?

Ans. No you need not add this as a filter criteria to either Automation Studio/Journey builder as the system automatically excludes the emails from sending to Customer/Prospect who are on the suppression List.

  1. How can we load/add records into Suppression Lists?

Ans. You can either add a record manually or use FTP to load data into Suppression Lists by selecting the desired Suppression List.

  1. We are unable to see/select/apply to the desired Business Unit or All Business units?

Ans. You might be in the child Business unit and this option is only available at the Parent Business unit level.

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