Using Publication Lists in Marketing Cloud

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 Using  Publication Lists in Marketing Cloud

In this article, we will try to explore different use cases for Publication list. Publication list is mostly used for managing Opt-ins or Opt-outs within Email studio. This is also used to control how Subscriber receives different sends such as Emails or SMS based on different categories. We could associate each category with each publication list and make sure Customers/Prospect/Subscriber receives emails from the interested category rather than receiving all the emails. Publication List also helps subscribers in opting out of unwanted categories without opting out of all messages from your organization.

For example, a Customer/Prospect/Subscriber receives a wide category of emails such as Marketing emails, News Letters and Service Notifications. If a customer does not want Marketing emails but wanted to receive News Letters and Service Notifications we could use different Publication lists to achieve this outcome.

If you use only one publication list for all of Subscriber communications and if that person opts out of one publication then that subscriber will be opted out automatically from all publications.


  •  Use a publication list to filter the audience of an email send, which ensure your publications are sent to the subscribers who want to see them.
  •  Use a publication list to show and adhere to regulatory compliance to CAN-SPAM laws.
  •  Use a publication list for each communication type, Such as newsletter, Weather alerts, and   Coupons
  •  Use a publication list to control who receives particular communications from a company. In Enterprise 2.0, publication lists can be shared between parent and child business units.

Creation of Publication List:

Publication list could be created by Navigating to Email studio and clicking on the Subscribers tab. Select All Subscribers and click on publication lists.

Navigation: Email Studio –> Email –> Subscribers –> All Subscribers –> Publication Lists

Click on Create and enter Name and description and click on Save.

You could also select a public checkbox if you want to display it in the Subscription center.

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