Understanding Segmentation in Marketing Cloud

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In this article, we will try to understand why do we need segmentation and various ways we can segment data. Segmentation is targeting a desired set of Audiences from all the available Subscribers. For Example, if you want to launch a promotion to existing customers within the age group of 30 to 50 yrs then you could use age as your criteria to send promotional messages only to those customers instead of all the available customers. This would help you to target the right audiences and also help in a fewer number of Unsubscribes or IP Reputation. Segmentation also helps in increasing Higher Conversion rates and also Higher Clickthrough Rates.

Some of the business use cases for Segmentation are: 

  1. Segmentation could be done based on Age, Gender, Geolocation, Geographic location to Send personalized marketing messages.
  2. Segmentation could also be done based on Purchase History to show related Products.
  3. You could also filter desired Subscribers based on Personal Interests to promotional events.

The above-mentioned Scenarios are for illustration purposes and you could filter the audience based on any desired criteria.

Segmentation Tools:

  1. Segmenting Lists – Lists hold Subscriber information. Segmenting Lists can be done by using Group and Data filter.
  2. Segmenting Data Extensions – Data extensions can hold subscriber information or Related data. Segmenting Data extension can be done by using queries and Data filters.

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