Synchronizing Sales/Service cloud data into Marketing Cloud

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In this article, we will try to configure Synchronized data extensions into the Marketing Cloud. This is the first step after installing the Salesforce Marketing cloud connect in your Sales cloud/service cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud connect is unidirectional sync that loads data from Salescloud /service cloud to the Marketing Cloud. Standard/custom objects that are loaded into the Marketing cloud appear in synchronized data extensions.

As part of this demo, Let us sync Leads from Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud. Log in to the Marketing cloud and Navigate to Audience Builder and then select the Contact builder from the dropdown.

In the contact builder, select the Data Sources tab and click on Synchronized. Select Setup object on the top right corner and select the desired object.

After selecting the desired object then Select the desired fields to be synced. Some of the standard fields like Id, Record Id will be auto-selected and cannot be deselected.

After selecting desired fields then click on Next to Select Record Collection Options and Poll Schedule. From the Records, collection Select All records to sync all records or select All records created since a particular date or Sync based on Checkbox field or Boolean field. You may not see a checkbox field until you select that field as part of the sync field in your previous step. Also, select the desired Poll Schedule(15 mins/30mins/60 mins) to pull records from Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can we change our filter criteria to Sync records from Sales cloud to the marketing cloud after the Initial setup?

Ans. Yes, you can go back and modify your filter criteria to sync records.

  1. Can we add or remove desired fields after initial Sync?

Ans. Yes you can add or remove fields after the initial sync

  1. What will be the synchronized data extension name of Contact after the Sync?

Ans. You will see it as Contact_salesforce as the synchronized data extension name

  1. We have multiple Business Units and connected dev to one of the Business Unit and Production to other Business Unit. What will be my synchronized data extension names?

Ans. If you have multiple Business units and connected Marketing cloud connect to your dev and production then you will see Contact_Salesforce in your Business unit that connected to MC first and Contact_salesforce_1 in other business units that were connected later. Since you have one Marketing cloud with multiple BU’s, the marketing cloud will create a unique name/synchronized Data extension name. It is better to Sync objects in production first rather than Dev.

  1. We want to delete Synchronized data extension as it is no longer required?

Ans. You cannot delete the synchronized data extension once it is setup. You can pause the data extension and data will not flow from the Sales Cloud to the Marketing cloud thereafter.

  1. What is the poll schedule to pull records into Marketing Cloud

Ans. You can select every 15 mins /30 mins/1 hour as a poll schedule to sync records from Sales Cloud to Marketing cloud

  1. Can we delete records from Synchronized data extension?

Ans. No, you cannot delete  records loaded from the Synchronized data extension

  1. We are unable to Sync campaign members from Sales Cloud to the Marketing cloud?

Ans.  There are object dependencies before selecting Junction objects. We need to select/Sync Contact object and Lead Object before Syncing Campaign Member object.

  1. We are unable to see filter/load data based on the Boolean field?

Ans. Select the Boolean field in the list of fields to be synced before filtering records based on the Boolean field.

  1. What happens when we disconnect Synchronized Data Sources?

Ans. Synchronized Data sources remove all Synchronized data extensions, contacts attribute group and Synchronized data source. All the data gets deleted as well.

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