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Understanding Wait Activity Attributes in Journey Builder

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 Understanding Wait Activity Attributes in Journey Builder

In this article, we will try to understand different Wait Activity attributes in Journey builder. Journey builder helps to define  1 to 1 relationship or personalized Customer/Prospect Journey using multiple channels such as Email, Mobile, PhysicalMail/Direct Mail, and Social Media.

Wait Activity is a configurable period that contacts are held between other Activities. During Wait Activity, Marketing cloud evaluates marketing cloud Contacts. We have to configure the time zone for the Wait Activities.

There are 3 different types of Wait Activities

  1. Wait by Duration
  2. Wait Until Date
  3. Wait by Attribute

Wait by Duration: This is the default wait activity that is displayed on the Canvas with the duration as 1 day. We Could increase the Wait duration to desired Days/Weeks/Months. Optionally we could also specify a time to make the Marketing contacts wait until the desired time by selecting “Extend Wait duration until specific time”.

Wait Until Date: Marketing cloud Contacts are held in the wait mode until the Specified date and time. Note: If the Contact reaches the wait activity after the specified date and time then the contact proceeds to the next activity Immediately.

Wait By Attribute: Marketing Cloud Contacts are held until the day and time specified on date attributes. For example, if we want to send a Birthday Email to the Customers/Contacts we could use the Wait By attribute with the date attribute field as Customer Birthdate field which stores customer birthday.

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