Different Ways to Send Emails from Marketing Cloud

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 Different Ways to Send Emails from Marketing Cloud

In this article, We will look at multiple ways that we can send emails through Marketing Cloud.

  1. User-Initiated Sends or Manual Sends
  2. Triggered Sends or Action based sends
  3. Journey builder Sends
  4. Automation Studio

User Initiated Sends:  A user-initiated send occurs when the logged-in user sends an email manually. Some of the use-cases pertaining to User-initiated sends are One-off emails to Customers, Testing Campaigns and News Letter Scenarios. In email studio, navigate to Interactions and Select user-Initiated Sends from the drop-down.

Click on Create and provide details such as Name/External key/Description. For the  Message field with is a required field kindly select any of the desired email templates from Content Builder/Shared Content/All Shared Content.  Selecting Email template should auto populate your desired Subject line or you could populate/overwrite desired subject in the field. You could also select Send to Deliverability send List with desired frequency.Send Classification needs to be set to Default Commercial/Default Transactional based on Organisation needs. You could select desired Recipients from the dropdown and select Data Extension/Lists and also select Exclusion list if any. You could also select Test Lists instead of desired Recipients and select desired Message Properties and User Tracking.

Triggered Sends: A triggered email Send occurs due to an action by customer/prospect/Subscriber. Some of the use cases pertaining Triggered sends are sending a Thank you email on Form completion/submission. Triggered sends can also be caused by SOAP Api. Detailed documentation about Triggered send interaction is available on the official site.

Other ways to send emails from Marketing cloud include  Journey Builder and Automation Studio.

Journey Builder: You can manually launch the Journey or have a schedule to send emails from the Journey by looking at Journey Data extension/API event/Cloud page/Salesforce Data with the desired Schedule.

Automation Studio: You can use Automation studio to send emails from Marketing cloud on an hourly/daily/weekly/monthly basis.

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