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Journey builder Business Use cases and Navigation in Marketing Cloud

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 Journey builder Business Usecases and Navigation in Marketing Cloud

In this article, we will try to understand the Journey builder and different use cases around it. Journey builder helps to define  1 to 1 relationship or personalized Customer/Prospect Journey using multiple channels such as Email, Mobile, PhysicalMail/Direct Mail, and Social Media.

Journey builder Advantages:

  1. We could use the Journey builder to send personalized Emails from Marketing Cloud
  2. We could also connect to the Sales cloud/Service cloud using Journey builder with help of Marketing Cloud Connect.
  3. We could define a customer journey to send Mobile Messages/Push notifications when a customer doesn’t respond to Emails. Additional licence cost is required for Mobile studio.
  4. We could use a journey builder if we want to define multiple touchpoints across the customer journey.

Welcome Email Series for Customer at Costco Use Case:

We could use the Journey builder as part of the Welcome Series and Send multiple emails to customers based on their Journey Path. For example, when a Customer Purchases a new membership at Costco send the first Email Welcoming the Customer to Costco on the day he purchased his membership. Send the Second Email a week later explaining the benefits of Online purchases/Instore promotions that they could use. To encourage customers to visit to the Store send a third email in the third week with an Instore coupon to encourage the purchase. We could also ask them for feedback in week 5 by sending the fourth Email.

Send a 10 percent coupon based on Abandon cart: 

    We could utilize Journey builder to Send 10 percent off coupon to the customer/prospect who has abandoned his or her cart. For this, we could use an API event to get the real time data from the Website/e-commerce site and Send an Email with Cart Reminder to the customer. If the customer does not respond within a day we can send a10 percent off coupon to the customer which could help in Increasing Sales.


Log in to Marketing cloud and Navigate and click on Journey Builder tab and Select Journey builder.

We can create a Journey by clicking on create a new Journey button at top right-hand corner.

We can create a Single Send Journey or Multi-Step Journey by selecting the desired journey.

Click on Build in Multi-Step Journey and it will take you to the below screen.

Entry Source:

We could select desired Entry point such as Data Extension or use API Event or Salesforce Data or Event or Cloud Pages with Journey or Customer/Prospect Data.

Flow Control:

 We could use different wait conditions or decision splits to send customers on different paths.


The power of journey builder lies with its delivery using multi-channels. We could use Push Notification/Inbox/Line message/In-App Message/SMS/Email.

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