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Marketing Cloud 101

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Organizations have started to make their Digital investments over the internet in order to reach their customers using various channels such as Email, Social, Web and SnailMail/Physical Mail. Some of the Marketing Automation tools include Marketing Cloud, Pardot, MailChimp, SilverPop, Marketo, etc. In this article, we will try to go over some of the Terminology/jargon used in the Marketing Cloud. We will also discuss differences between pardot and Marketing Cloud with use-cases at the end of the article.

Salesforce purchased Exact target on June 4th 2013 and renamed it as the Marketing cloud subsequently.

Let us go over some of the common terminology used in Marketing Cloud

1. Data Extension

2. Journey Builder

3. Email Studio

4. Cloud Pages

5. Email Templates

6. Amp Script

7. Contact Builder

8. Segmentation

9. FTP process

10. Marketing Connect

Pardot vs Marketing Cloud:

Through pardot we can only market to our customers who have email. This type of marketing is Single channel marketing and pardot does not support multi-channel marketing. This works great for organizations that had a larger customer base with email addresses. Pardot can also connect to Salesforce CRM to sync with contacts and Leads. Pardot also can track visitors by using cookies and help in providing insights into visitor behavioral tracking.

The marketing cloud provides multichannel marketing such as Email/Social/Web/Mobile/Direct mail/etc. This is best suited for organizations that want to reach their customers through various channels in order to interact with their customers. For example in the eCommerce industry, We can send Email to customers and if they do not respond to email then we can post Ads through social studio and if they do not respond to social media ads then we can send a text over mobile and if there is no response from the customer then as the last option we can send the promotional message through Snail Mail/Direct mail.

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